The only device you will ever need to get complete protection and ultimate comfort.


The Canopy is made from a high grade Fibre Reinforce Polymer which can withstand any sort of roads and rides that your bike can. Also, comes with a range of customization options to choose from.


The Windshield is made from Optical Grade Polycarbonate which is literally unbreakable. You also have the option to open it at any moment to feel the breeze or get unobstructed view at night.


The fitment base has rubber feet at the bottom that lets you align and secure the structure tightly to any type of motorcycle without leaving any scratches.


Using our Proprietary Technology, SEPAL can be installed universally on any motorcycle and no tools or prior experience is needed.  Within 5 minutes, anyone can install or remove the device from the bike.


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Mobile Holder
Adjustable Height
Petrol Filling
Anti-Theft Lock
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We are just beginning, stay tuned to experience the best in class infotainment system on your rides.